Easy Technique to Become A SAP FICO Consultant

Jun 16, 2021 | SAP

Experience life-changing opportunities as a SAP FICO Consultant

If you’re currently at that stage in your life where you’re deciding what you seriously want to do with it, and you’re considering SAP FICO; we’ll help you out a bit with your research into the subject. Naturally, if you’re looking at SAP FICO as an option, the end goal you have is a thriving future career and income. These are really the only things that matter at the end of the day for any professional. SAP FICO is an excellent choice to consider for you, and here we have listed some important and factual questions and answered them for you. This following information will be of use to you in making your final decision on whether you wish to pursue a career as a SAP FICO professional or not.

Demand of SAP FICO Professionals

Addressing some of the most relevant questions directly will enable you to get a very clear picture. Is there a demand for SAP FICO consultants/professionals and is it a lucrative career option. There appears to be a growing demand for SAP FICO consultants/professionals, and the average salary one can expect is approximately $ 82,000 annually. We’ll share some information with you related to how to be a sap fico consultant, and that should help you decide a little easier whether you would like to be one.

Technically, that is approximately double the average gross annual income in the US. Judging by the compensation that SAP FICO professionals/consultants demand, it would be fair to say there is a demand for professionals in this field. Making decisions based on factual realities will be most beneficial to you in achieving the best results in life. One of the factual realities is the law of ‘supply and demand’, and business and industry trends suggest that the demand for SAP FICO professionals is here to stay, and grow because accounting is the heart of any business.

Because of the business/industry demands and requirements, the future for professionals in the field is apparently bright. If you’re asking yourself how to become a sap fico consultant? Well that’s what we’re going to tell you, so read on. If you can qualify as one, it would be worth the effort to consider becoming a SAP FICO professional/consultant. To become a SAP FICO professional or consultant, you will need to understand what ERP is. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP systems enable businesses and industries to manage and coordinate all their business systems and departments on the same automated system.

ERP increases efficiency and enhances productivity, reduces wastage, and helps a business maintain its entire operations chain, including sales, Human resources, procurement, supply, and financing/accounts. As a result, because the SAP FICO system is linked to the entire ERP of a business, as a professional you will need to be well versed with every aspect of ERP so that you can handle the SAP FICO system well. This is where your experience will come in if you have it, and will greatly enhance your professional value. Your professional value is what enables you to demand/obtain better pay/remuneration.

What is SAP FICO?

The full form of SAP is ‘Systems Application and Products’, the full form of FICO is FI ‘Financial accounting’ and CO stands for ‘financial control’. Finances are an important aspect of every business and thus ERP knowledge is given great consideration. Business prefers to hire people who can take care of the financial aspects of the business along with their other job functions.

What does it take to become a SAP FICO Consultant?

Businesses and industries require professionals who can handle the more advanced systems and methods of financial control and accounting. This advanced system of accounting is a part of the ERP ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ systems of a business/industry. It is a very important and central part of any business and business and industry cannot operate without a financial system. One important fact about financial systems that those who are associated with the financial aspect of business and accounting understand is; efficient financial systems save money, enhance profitability and maximize financial potential of liquidity available.

All these benefits (mentioned in the above paragraph) towards businesses and considering that SAP FICO ‘financial control’ is an essential requirement of business/industry. A professional in this field has a bright and secure career to look forward to, and his/her services will always be in demand. To be a SAP FICO professional/consultant the education you will require is a graduation preferably from a financial stream. If you possess a Master’s degree rather than only a Bachelors even better, and the better the legitimacy/reputation of the educational institution the better it will be. SAP FICO will require the professional to be qualified in business or finances or both. There are some specific courses such as TERP 10, to become a SAP FICO professional/consultant.

Skills Required for SAP FICO Consultant

You will want to know the skills required for sap fico consultant. Mentioned are some of the specific courses that you will need to study to become a SAP FICO consultant/professional. These are professional certification courses, which will teach you about the specifics of SAP FICO technology and functioning methodology. ‘TERP10’, this basic course will familiarize you in SAP ERP. Following this, you will also need to study at some point courses such as TFIN50, TFIN52, TFIN20, TFIN22, and TFIN52.

You can do more research into these courses and the study material is available. However, these are professional courses, and such study material is made available by the creators of the technology directly, and not via mainstream education. There is no degree that you can do which will certify you as a SAP FICO consultant/professional. As is true with any professional specialization, the education and certifications that you have strengthen your professional reputation/value. As a result, you will need to focus a bit on your professional SAP FICO related certifications, as this will help you greatly.

Another area that will help you after you have gotten some decent certifications added to your resume is your experience. The idea is to dominate your field, and for that, you will require both, educational/professional certifications and experience to show. Experience will take you a while to gain, however it does make a difference in the field, as you will need to prove your abilities before you start reaping the healthy remuneration. The increased remuneration/pay, will follow because industries and businesses have a demand for SAP FICO professionals/consultants, because it is related to the latest methods of financial accounting and financial control.


We hope that you found the information mentioned here useful and that it helps you make a decision related to your future career. SAP FICO professionals are highly paid, and the role they fulfill places them at the very heart of business and industry. As a result, the possibility of career growth and demand for SAP FICO professionals in the field will always be prevalent. In our professional opinion, you will experience life-changing opportunities as a SAP FICO Consultant.

Taking on a SAP FICO career

Once you complete the RAVH–IT SAP FICO online training course you will be trained with the necessary skills for SAP financial and you can easily get a job in the related field. If you are still not sure about how to become a SAP FICO consultant get in touch with us and we will guide you with course information as well as career prospects.