SAP FICO Training Online

Learn SAP FICO online course from industry experts and gain knowledge to automate complicated business accounting, financial tasks, and clear the certification exam.

Ravh IT Solutions is providing a simplified SAP FICO training online that is a great value addition to your profile. FICO is a widely implemented module in SAP. The course is designed for beginners and professionals to take control of Financial Accounting and Controlling in their hands.

SAP FICO Training

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SAP FICO Course Online


At Ravh IT Solutions, we offer online training for SAP FICO with certified experts. You can attain knowledge and strengthen your fundamentals in General Ledger, Cash & Bank Accounting, Ledger Accounting, Asset Accounting, Accounts Payable, Master Records, and other advanced topics in SAP FICO.

SAP FICO is one of the most fundamental certifications which verifies that the candidate possesses requisite knowledge and skills needed in SAP Financial Accounting.

SAP FICO is broadly divided into two modules. SAP FI (Financial Accounting) & SAP CO (Controlling). These two modules are tightly coupled with each other. Where SAP FI holistically monitors company financials, SAP CO is responsible for delivering cost accounting.

KEY Highlights

Get noticed by top companies through our professional job assistance.
35 hours of in-depth training programs with realtime scenarions.
Get trained by the highly experienced certified industry experts.
Upgraded sylabus with Industry oriented concepts for in-depth knowledge.
15+ In- demand tools & skills will help in  Technical Assistance.
Every session will be live and provides you hands-on experience training.

Training Advantages

35 contact hours

Industry case studies

Hands-on Projects

Real time training

SAP Finance Course Outcomes

Core Concepts

Core computer science concepts from leading industry experts. 

Application Testing

Build an end-to-end application and test it with exciting features.


Earn an industry-recognized course completion certificate.

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SAP FICO Certification

  • We offer 100% practical and certification oriented knowledge required to ace SAP FICO. Our team of experts will help you throughout your preparation journey. You can attain proficiency in Ledgers, Cheque Management, Vendor Reports, Asset Accounting, Cash Journals, and much more. Ravh IT Solutions provides knowledge on a granular level. This can help you grasp concepts and make a strong foundation. Enrolling in our online SAP FICO certification training can help you gain industry exposure and hands-on practical knowledge.

  • We also provide a course certificate upon successful completion. The primary objective of our online training course is to provide you all the knowledge and tools required to ace SAP Certified Application Associate – Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7. With hundreds of successful candidates and industry experts with years of rich experience, Ravh IT Solutions can be your partner for SAP FICO certification. We understand how indispensable SAP FICO is for the ERP module. We assure absolute knowledge needed to clear the exam.

SAP FICO Certification Course Curriculum

Define Company

  • Define Credit Control Area
  • Edit, Copy, Delete Check company code
  • Define Business Areas
  • Maintain Controlling area
  • Assign Company Code to Company
  • Assign Company Code to Credit Control area
  • Assign Company code to controlling area

Financial Accounting

  • Financial Accounting Global Settings
  • Assign Company code to Fiscal year Variant
  • Define Variants for open posting periods
  • Open and Close Posting periods
  • Assign Variants to Company code
  • Define Document types
  • Define Tolerance groups to Employees
  • Maintain Field Status Variants
  • Assign Company Code to Field Status Variants
  • Cross company code transactions

  • Prerequisites for Cross company code transactions
  • Clearing accounts for Cross company code transactions
  • Clearing accounts for Cross company code transactions: Example
  • Displaying Cross company code transactions
  • Changing Cross company code transactions
  • Reversing Cross company code transactions
  • Posting business transactions in General Ledger Accounting
  • Entering business transactions in General Ledger Accounting
  • Entering G/L Account line items (General Ledger)
  • Required entry fields for G/L account line items (General Ledger)
  • G/L account number (General Ledger)
  • Additional account assignment (General Ledger)
  • Posting valuation differences manually
  • Carrying out a transfer posting
  • Posting documents in General Ledger accounting
  • Document parking enjoy transaction
  • Parking documents – enjoy transaction
  • Posting parked documents- enjoy transaction
  • Creating screen variants- enjoy transaction
  • G/L Account posting- enjoy transaction
  • Entering G/L Account Documents- enjoy transaction
  • Editing line items- enjoy transaction
  • Hold Document
  • Sample Document
  • Recurring Document
  • Reversal Document
  • Open item management
  • Posting with clearing
  • Posting G/L account documents- enjoy transaction
  • Assign Country to Calculation Procedure Tax
  • Check and change settings for tax processing
  • Define tax codes for Sales and Purchases
  • Check recipients types in Withholding tax
  • Define business place
  • Maintain Tax Due Dates
  • Define Withholding tax type for invoice posting
  • Define Withholding tax type for Payment posting
  • Define Withholding tax codes
  • Define formulas for calculating withholding tax
  • Maintain Surcharge Calculation Methods
  • Maintain Surcharge Tax codes (Separate Tax Codes)
  • Assign Withholding tax types to company codes
  • Activate Extended Withholding Tax
  • Define Accounts for withholding tax to be paid over
  • Specify Document type for Journal Vouchers in India
  • Specify Document type (Accounts Payable) in Remittance Challan
  • Specify Document type (Accounts Receivable) in Remittance Challan
  • Maintain Number Groups
  • Assign number ranges to number groups
  • Maintain number ranges
  • Maintain number groups and SAP Script forms for withholding tax certificates for vendors and customers
  • Posting of withholding tax certificates from customers
  • Assign programs for correspondence types
  • General Ledger Accounting

  • Edit Chart of accounts list
  • Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts
  • Define Account group
  • Define retained earnings account
  • Maintain Worklists for displaying balances
  • Define document types for Enjoy Transaction
  • Define accounts for Exchange rate differences
  • Define interest calculation types
  • Prepare account balance interest calculation
  • Define reference interest rates
  • Define time-based terms
  • Enter interest values
  • Define reasons for reversal of documents
  • Define valuation methods in foreign currency valuation
  • Prepare automatic postings for foreign currency valuation
  • Define Financial statement versions in documenting
  • Define accounts for materials management
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable

  • Preparations for creating customer master data Define account groups
  • Create number ranges for customer accounts
  • Assign number ranges to customer account groups
  • Preparations for creating Vendor master data Define account groups
  • Create number ranges for Vendor accounts
  • Assign number ranges to Vendor account groups
  • Maintain Terms of Payment
  • Define accounts for cash discounts taken
  • Define accounts for lost cash discount
  • Define accounts for overpayments/underpayments
  • Define accounts for rounding differences
  • Define accounts for Bank charges
  • Define reason codes for manual outgoing payments
  • Define accounts for payment differences (manual outgoing payments)
  • Setup all Company codes for Payment transactions
  • Setup paying company codes for payment transactions
  • Setup payment methods for the country for payment transactions
  • Setup payment method per company code for payment transactions
  • Setup bank determination for Payment transactions
  • Assign payment forms for the payment method in company code
  • Define number ranges for checks
  • Check void reason codes
  • Define Payment block reasons
  • Define Vendor tolerances
  • Define reconciliation accounts for the customer down payments
  • Define alternate reconciliation accounts for down payments for vendors
  • Define alternate reconciliation for Customers
  • Define alternate reconciliation for Vendors
  • Define accounts for automatic offsetting entry
  • Interest Posting A/R Calculation of interest on arrears
  • Interest on Arrears calculation Vendors
  • Assign forms to interest indicators
  • Define sender details for interest forms
  • Assign permitted credit control areas to company code
  • Define risk categories
  • Bank Accounting

  • Define House Banks
  • Create and assign business transactions
  • Define posting keys and posting rules for manual bank statement
  • Define variants for manual bank statement
  • Define global settings for electronic bank statement
  • Define alternative reconciliation accounts for the bill of exchange receivable
  • Define accounts for the bill of exchange transactions
  • Prepare bill of exchange charges statement
  • Define bank sub-accounts when presenting to a bank
  • Assign payment method to bank transaction
  • Asset Accounting

  • Assign Chart of Depreciation to company code
  • Specify Account determination
  • Create screen layout rules
  • Define number range interval
  • Define asset classes
  • Define how depreciation areas post to the general ledger
  • Assign GL accounts
  • Assign input tax indicator for non-taxable transactions
  • Specify Financial statement version for asset reports
  • Specify document type for posting the depreciation
  • Define Depreciation areas
  • Specify transfer of APC values
  • Specify transfer of depreciation terms
  • Determine Depreciation areas in the asset class
  • Specify rounding of net book value/depreciation
  • Specify depreciation areas for group assets
  • Specify asset classes for group assets
  • Define base methods
  • Define multi-level methods
  • Maintain period control methods
  • Maintain depreciation key
  • Define screen layout for Asset master record
  • Define screen layout for asset depreciation areas
  • SAP FICO Training FAQ’S


    Who is my instructor?

    Top industry professionals having hands-on experience are the subject matter experts here. The experts guarantee detailed teaching with a special focus on clearing your fundamentals and laying a strong knowledge base.

    Why do SAP FICO certification?

    SAP FICO can improve financial literacy and is a great value addition for individuals. Not only it adds credibility to your profile but also helps you kickstart your career.

    What are the key features of SAB FICO training?

    You get out of the box hands-on experience on a live project, practical course material, flexible batches, resume preparation, and much more.

    Who can join SAP FICO training online?

    Everyone can take the training. Be it freshers, consultants, project managers, IT or business analysts & project team members.

    Do I need any prerequisite knowledge for SAP FICO training?

    The course has been designed to serve candidates with basic to advanced knowledge. If you’re already familiar with accounting, that’s a definite plus point. However, if you’re from a different niche, you need not worry. The course content & our experts have got you covered.

    What is the career path I could keep jumping after SAP FICO training?

    Career Ladder of SAP FICO

    Managing Director (SAP FICO)

    SAP FICO Project Manager

    SAP FICO Lead

    SAP FICO Specialist

    Senior SAP FICO Consultant (or) Senior SAP FICO Analyst

    SAP FICO Consultant (or) SAP FICO Analyst

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    Student Testimonials

    We are happy to share the feedback from some of our many satisfied SAP FICO certified students.

    The training covers almost everything in the FICO module. Anyone weak in the CO module can find the course helpful. One can literally master Financial Accounting and Controlling with online training. I can say it’s a must-have addition for SAP FICO consultants and associates.


    Los Angeles

    Years of SAP FICO knowledge bundled in the course. I found the course of great worth! It covers all the building blocks needed to be an SAP FICO expert. The course is for everybody, if you’re a beginner like me or a senior consultant, the value proposition offered by the Ravh IT course is great for everyone.


    New York

    I am happy with the course. It contains outstanding material and guidance provided by the experts is much appreciated. Implementing SAP profitability was never so easy. After the course, I feel confident about all the concepts. A must-have product for individuals looking to make big in the SAP market.



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