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This selenium online training program will cover you a complete software automation testing concepts from start to advanced levels the concepts which are implementing in present advanced automation industries.  

Our Selenium automation test engineer training program is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge of software testing technologies such as Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Maven, AutoIT, Selenium Grid, to help you build a robust testing framework.

Our industry-aligned Selenium training course is curated by experts and it comprises Selenium Grid, IDE, WebDriver, handling IFrames, etc. Learn to use supported plugins (Framework, TestNG, Robot Class, etc)

KEY Highlights

Get noticed by top companies through our professional job assistance.
Every session will be live and provides you hands-on experience training.
Get trained by the highly experienced certified industry experts.
15+ In- demand tools & skills will help in  Technical Assistance.
35 hours of in-depth training programs with realtime scenarions.
Upgraded sylabus with Industry oriented concepts for in-depth knowledge.

Training Advantages


Ravh-IT’s Selenium automation test engineer program will provide you the comprehensive hands-on training in software automation, testing, and quality assurance technology skills, including hands-on experience in every concept and real-time project scenarios.

35 contact hours

Industry case studies

Hands-on Projects

Real time training

Course Outcomes



Our extensive selenium course curriculum covers more than 15 automation testing tools and technologies to make your profile stand out as an Automation Test Engineer.

With this program, you will gain:

Core Concepts

Core computer science concepts from leading industry experts. 

Application Testing

Build an end-to-end application and test it with exciting features.


Earn an industry-recognized course completion certificate.

Selenium Training Course Contents

Introduction to the Automation

• What is Automation Testing?

• When it will come into the picture.

• What is the use of Automation Testing

Introduction to Selenium

• What is Selenium?

• What is the use of selenium

• When selenium can be useful in testing.

• Features of Selenium.

Selenium IDE

• Recording the scripts.

• Running the scripts.

• How to save the recording script.

• Object Identification.

• Difference between Test case and test suit.

• Languages supported while recording.

• Synchronization in Selenium IDE.

• Testing Vs. Selenium IDE

• When to use Selenium IDE

• How to run the recorded script against other browsers.

• Why companies are not using recording tools.

Creating the Environment for Selenium Web Driver

• Creating the generic scripts in selenium.

• Creating the scripts by using functions.

• Running the scripts in Eclipse.

• Running the scripts in Different Browsers

• Browser commands with examples.

• Interactive commands with examples.

• Information commands with examples.

• Validation commands with examples.

• How to take data from excel sheets.

• Why should we use excel sheets.

• How to take large no of data from excel sheets.

• How to export data to an excel sheet.

• Export large no of data to an excel sheet.

• How to export results after completion of execution the script.

• Implicit and Explicit Waits Operations

• Maintaining the synchronization points.

• How to handle Popups and alert messages.

• Database Operations

• Scroll Operations

• Mouser Over Operations with Actions class

Selenium Frameworks

• What is Framework?

• Types of Frameworks. 

• What is Data-Driven framework?

• What is Keyword driven framework?

• What is Hybrid framework?

• Use of Framework.

• Explanation about your framework.

• How to develop the framework.

• Integration of the framework.

• How to execute the scripts from the framework.

• Data-Driven Framework

• Keyword Driven Framework

• Page Object Model Framework

Language Fundamentals

• Java Programming Language Keywords

• Class and Object

• Data Types

• Local and Global Variables

• Array Declaration, Construction, and Initialization

• Access Specifies • Static and Non-Static

Flow Control, Exceptions, and Assertions

• Writing Code Using if and switch

• Conditional Statements

• Writing Code Using Loops

Object Orientation

• Overridden and Overloaded Methods

• Inheritance

• Constructor

• Interface

• Collections

• Handling Exceptions

Using the java.lang.String Class

• Using the java.lang.Math Class

• Using the equals() Method with

• Strings and Objects

Introduction to the TestNG

• Proving it works

• Starting from scratch

• Understanding unit testing frameworks

• Setting up TestNG

• Testing with TestNG

• Assertions


• Introduction to Apache Maven.

• Installing Apache maven.

• Understanding maven repository & maven life cycle.

• Maven plugins & Dependencies.

• Maven project website-Creating a custom page.

• Running Functional test.

Selenium Course FAQ’S


1. What are the minimum system requirements for this course?

The student must have a computer/laptop that runs on Windows XP and later 8, Mac OS – Leopard, or Snow Leopard, Linux – Ubuntu, CentOS etc. The device must also have a minimum of 2 GB Ram and 50 GB hard disk space.

2. How will my doubts be rectified?

Our expert trainers will be available at all times to clarify all your doubts. You can approach them directly or through e-mail or telephone even after the course concludes after confirming mutual convenience.

3. Is expertise in Java a prerequisite for this course?

Yes. Selenium training requires a student to be well-versed in Java fundamentals. However, our lecturers will help you brush up your Java skills in case you have not used them for a long time or have lost touch with the concepts.

4. Will there be practical sessions?

Yes. The training course will include a range of practical sessions during which the student will be able to test his or her progress on a real-time basis. We will provide you with a Java environment with required system setups with the Selenium Webdriver program pre-installed. You will be able to exercise the learning from the course and understand the actual functioning of the program with ease.

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Customer Testimonials

Nothing makes us happier than satisfied clients. Let us share some successful client stories with you.

This is an excellent practical course, giving the opportunity to get acquainted with both theoretical and practical work in Business Analysis.

Henry James


The best training professionals I found for automation testing training, faculties are highly experienced, explained every concept in-depth with real-time project scenarios.


San Diego

Happy to start off my selenium career here, this is by the far the best institute I have ever got for Selenium. Very eloquent tutorial. Outstanding Training with great examples.



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