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Gain hands-on experience and learn from ServiceNow industry experts. From fundamental architecture, technical elements to ServiceNow implementation, our ServiceNow developer training covers it all!

At RavhIT Solutions, we provide the best knowledge on ServiceNow and its associated applications. Our exclusive ServiceNow online course can help you gain and strengthen areas such as SaaS, PaaS, Admin Roles, Policies, Cloud intro, and much more.

ServiceNow Course Online

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ServiceNow Certification Course

ServiceNow- a popular cloud-based IT service management tool is booming the market. Spaces such as IT governance and ITSM are experiencing a paradigm shift. At RavhIT Solutions, we let you kickstart your career with ServiceNow certification training aimed at making you industry-ready.

Industry experts with years of experience are taking the ServiceNow course and helping students develop strong basics. You will learn about the ServiceNow interface, interactivity of the ServiceNow platform, role-based scenarios for workflows, etc.

Get hands-on experience in various roles such as User & System Admin, End User, or IT User. Create an incident, analyze the problem, and recommend solutions through ServiceNow.

KEY Highlights

Get noticed by top companies through our professional job assistance.
35 to 45 hours of in-depth training programs with realtime scenarios.
Get trained by the highly experienced certified industry experts.
Upgraded sylabus with Industry oriented concepts for in-depth knowledge.
15+ In- demand tools & skills will help in  Technical Assistance.
Every session will be live and provides you hands-on experience training.

Training Advantages

35 to 45 contact hours

Industry case studies

Hands-on Projects

Real time training

ServiceNow Course Outcomes

Core Concepts

Core computer science concepts from leading industry experts. 

Application Testing

Build an end-to-end application and test it with exciting features.


Earn an industry-recognized course completion certificate.

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ServiceNow Certification Training

  • RavhIT Solutions is offering complete and comprehensive ServiceNow training online. Gain all the required knowledge, enrich your skillset, and earn RavhIT course completion certification to boost your professional goals. Our training program is headed by leaders in the ServiceNow niche. Students can access the course while on the move and keep up with learning. Our online training covers all the topics which required to clear ServiceNow certification.

  • Students can leverage Online Classes, Technical Support, Rich Course Curriculum, Case Studies, and develop a deep knowledge base. ServiceNow admin training can enable you to specialize in IT service management, operations management, business management, and more. Students can upskill their tech stack and obtain skills associated with It service management, server-side scripting, notification scripts, application design, studio service, inbound implementation, Restful services, etc. If you’re willing to pursue a career as a ServiceNow Admin or IT service engineer, the course can add another feather in your cap.

ServiceNow Course Curriculum

ServiceNow Administrator

Introduction to Servicenow

  • What is Service Now
  • Navigation and users
  • Helpful portals, releases 
  • Forms, Lists and Tables

ITIL overview on servicenow

  • What is Service Management
  • What is ITIL
  • Difference between ITIL and ITSM
  • What is Incident, Problem and Change
  • Types of SLA- SLA, OLA and Underpining Contract
  • User

  • Administration
  • Create User
  • Create Role
  • Create Group
  • Add  new  Group  Automatically  Associated  with   New  User  Record,
  • Add  Users  to  new  Groups 
  • Basic Forms and List Modification

  • Personalizing Forms
  • Personalizing Lists
  • Introduction to Fields
  • What is a Plugins
  • How to clear the ServiceNow database cache
  • How to remove the attachement from incident/problem or change
  • Applications and Modules – Overview and Administration

  • Modifying Menu Categories
  • Creating Application Menus
  • Creating Modules
  • Creating Sub Modules
  • Update Set
  • Creating Update Sets
  • Merging Update Sets 
  • Service Level Management

  • SLA Components
  • SLA Definition
  • Difference between SLA, OLA and Underpinning contracts
  • Task SLA (SLA Stages, Time based fields)
  • SLA Workflow
  • SLA Conditions
  • Installing SLA plugins
  • Use Retro-Restart option
  • Access Control List (ACL)

  • What is ACL
  • How to create ACL
  • What is ACL Configuration 
  • Service Catalog

  • Introduction to Items and Categories
  • Introduction to Variables and Variable Sets.
  • Creating workflows
  • Associating workflows to Items
  • Record Producers 
  • Scheduled Jobs and Imports

  • Data Imports
  • Creating and defining transform maps
  • Creating transform scripts 
  • UI Policies, Scripts and Actions

  • Overview
  • Creating a UI Policy
  • Defining Client Scripts
  • The On load Check Box
  • View-Specific UI Policy
  • Converting a UI Policy to a Data Policy
  • Service Catalog UI Policy
  • Switching between UI15 and UI16
  • Branding you instance
  • Creating a custom homepage 
  • User Administration and Security

  • Groups and Roles
  • Emails and notification
  • User preferences
  • Servicenow Knowledge Management

  • Create a knowledge article
  • Select a knowledge article category 
  • Understanding Data and Relationship

  • One to many relationship in servicenow
  • One to many relationship in servicenow
  • Enforcing one to one relationship
  • Defining Custom relationship
  • Database table inheritance 
  • Asset Management and CMDB

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of CMDB
  • CI-CI relationships
  • Key CMDB Tables
  • CMDB Schema 
  • Service Portal

  • Understanding Service Portal
  • Understanding Widgets
  • Service Portal components
  • ServiceNow Development

    Introduction to Scripting

    • To script, or not to script ?
    • Client side versus server side APIs
    • Where scripting is supported
    • Integrated development environment

    The Client-Side Glide API- (Application Program Interface)

  • OnLoad
  • OnChange
  • OnSubmit
  • OnCellEdit 
  • The Server-Side Glide API (Application Program Interface)

  • The structure of API Class
  • Server -side APIs
  • Glide Record
  • Glide Element
  • Glide Date and Time
  • Glide Session
  • Glide System
  • Glide User
  • GlideAjax
  • GlideForm (g_form) 
  • Server -side Scripting

  • Dot-walking
  • Script Rules, Business Rules 
  • Client -side Scripting

  • Client Scripts
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Build for performance
  • UI scripts
  • Scripts files from the server 
  • Advance Client-Side Scripting

  • Client-side UI action
  • Calling Server side script
  • Client side AJAX
  • Server -side AJAX
  • Overview-Integration – Testing


    • Create an integration
    • Tips for writing integrations
    • Integration troubleshooting

    Introducing the MID Server

  • Configure an IP address range for the MID Server
  • Map an IP address to a DNS name
  • Select the default MID Server for Orchestration
  • Configure an IP address range for the MID Server 
  • LDAP-Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

  • LDAP integration
  • LDAP authentication
  • LDAP listener
  • LDAP integration requirements
  • Importing Users from LDAP Server 
  • Introduction to Domain Seperation

  • Definig a Domain
  • Organizing Domain
  • Creating more Domain Relationship 
  • Servicenow ATF Testing

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Suite and ATF Task
  • Application Navigator Testing
  • Form Testing
  • Server Testing 
  • ServiceNow Training FAQ’S


    Is the Course for Me?

    Software developers, Project Managers, Solution Architects, Support Engineers, and students willing to grow their careers in the software industry can take our ServiceNow online course. From all walks of the corporate industry, people can enroll with us and gather valuable, game-changing knowledge.

    Who will be my ServiceNow Trainer?

    Our trainers are industry experts with years of rich experience. Every trainer is duly certified and encompasses a stronghold in the subject matter. Students can leverage the first-hand industry experience by engaging with certified instructors.

    What is the value of the ServiceNow Online Certification?

    Upon successful completion of ServiceNow online training, you will earn a certificate. The certification can be a valuable addition to your resume and help you throughout your professional life. Moreover, the certificate is shareable and is easy to access.

    What if I have queries?

    At any point in time, if you come up with questions, queries, or doubts pertaining to the subject, you can easily write to instructors. You can interact with them through the Live Chat feature. Our industry expert teachers assure a smooth and quick resolution of your doubts.

    Is the course material accessible on multiple devices?

    Yes, students can easily access the course on their laptops and smartphones. RavhIt Solutions assure a seamless learning experience. At all walks of life, we help our students with quality course content and around the clock support.

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    Student Testimonials

    We are happy to share the feedback from some of our many satisfied ServiceNow certified students.

    I am thankful to RavhIT Solutions for their ServiceNow online course. The course material is concise, rich in concepts, and offers a unique value proposition. The content is easy to understand and helps in building good fundamental knowledge.

    Prashant Kumar

    Los Angeles

    The course has helped me gain valuable knowledge which has helped my professional profile. Students will find ServiceNow training online really helpful. Instructors are well-versed with the subject and teach in easy to understand language.

    Jolie Zhang

    New York

    RavhIT Solutions has helped me become a ServiceNow professional. The course has opened various opportunities for me. The instructors are well-knowledgeable. The course material is also lightweight and doesn’t put a toll on learning. Even working professionals can study and earn the ServiceNow badge.

    Chris H.


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